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Monday, 02 February 2015 07:06 Published in Capville Blog 0

Many people feel that their efforts go unnoticed by others. For example, workers often feel unappreciated by their employers. Many married people believe that their spouses take them for granted and some children think that they can never meet the expectations of their parents.

However, such feelings could be alleviated if we are all willing to commend one another from time to time. Have you ever been given sincere commendation? Then you’ll surely know it warms the heart and lifts the spirit.

In conclusion, look for the good in others, acknowledge and commend good deeds as this will not only have made others happy but makes you happy too. When we put smiles on the faces of others, we also feel good when we realise others are smiling because we gave them a reason to.


Team Work

Thursday, 29 January 2015 14:24 Published in Capville Blog 0

Once upon a time, there was an old man who had three sons.

These three brothers did not love one another as brothers should; but were always quarrelling, fighting and abusing one another. The old man was very unhappy about the behaviour of his sons and thought of every possible way of making them change their bad ways.

As he lay on his death bed, he called all his sons before him. He then sent out the youngest to bring three sticks. When he had brought them, the old man tied the sticks together and gave them to the oldest son and asked him to break them. He tried but could not as the sticks were too strong to break. The second son tried and failed and so did the third son.

The old man then untied the sticks and divided them among his sons so that they might break them. This time they broke the sticks easily.

The old man then said, the lesson of this exercise is that if you are divided, it will be easy to break the family; but if you are united, no force no matter how strong can divide you.

In Capville Schools, we work as a team